Frequently Asked Questions

Some answers to our most frequently asked questions.

How do I update my contact information?

You can now update your own contact information through the Manage Profile page. To update your address in our database, please contact one of the MR staff listed in the Contact Us page.

How do I know if I’ve met my minimum shares?

In general, a membership is at minimum requirement if you have preferred shares held.  This means you are above your producer requirement for the volume of milk that you ship.  You can look at your “Manage Profile” page and determine if you have preferred shares.  You can also send an email to and provide us with your Member ID and/or milk licence number and we will determine if you have met your minimum requirement and will respond to you with this information.  If you are not yet at your minimum requirement, we can also provide you with an estimated time frame for reaching your minimum.

I have met my minimum shares, how do I go about stopping my milk cheque deduction?

To stop your milk cheque deduction, choose "Contact Member Relations" from the main Member Menu and complete the email form giving as much information as possible.  A Member Relations staff member will contact you to complete the necessary paperwork.

I’ve misplaced my T slip, is it possible to get another one?

If you have misplaced your T slip, starting with 2012, these are now available on this site under "Download Tax Forms".  For years prior to 2012 please contact Member Relations by choosing "Contact Member Relations" from the main Member Menu and complete the e-mail form giving the pertinent information (ie which year you require and if it is a T5 or T4a you require)  A Member Relations staff member will reprint the form and e-mail it to you at the current e-mail address on file.

What do I do if I stop shipping milk?

If a Gay Lea Foods member stops shipping milk during the fiscal year, it is their responsibility to notify Gay Lea Foods as the DFO and DFM not provide that information to Gay Lea Foods due to confidentiality. You can either contact your Member Services Representative directly from the contact information available on this site or you can complete "Contact Member Relations" from the main menu and provide the details of ceased shipping and we will have one of our Member Services Representatives contact you for more information and to determine the next steps for you.

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